About Lettie Zeste

I am a woman who writes fiction. Transsexual fiction amongst other types. Stories that reflect real life in the trans world. Fictional, but real enough. I live and write in NYC. I enjoy the arts, opera, ballet, and such and recently retired from teaching.

Lettie Zeste at 65

Lettie at 65

I started living as a woman and had SRS in the mid1970s, in my 20s. I came of age on the fringe of San Francisco’s notorious tenderloin gay red light district. When I started out, I could have been arrested on the street under ‘masquerade statutes’. (Of course I wasn’t.) Walking to work at my lowly clerical job as a woman was illegal. Our society has become more tolerant in the past 40 or 50 years. But we have a long way to go.