Lettie Zeste – Writer

Fiction illuminates transsexual life and love; idiosyncratic and shaped by society. I write with just one small voice.  I like a happy ending, but my characters are not perfect.

Society does not make happy endings easy for transsexuals and transgender people. Transgender diversity and inclusion may come, but for now characters have to live in the world as it is given.

Hope you enjoy.

Almost, Lettie Zeste (Amazon) 2015. This is my first novel, covering transsexual life in San Francisco in the 1970’s, boyfriends, and finally a truly accepting man. ‘Comic and moving’

Not Quite the Same. Lettie Zeste (Amazon) 2015. A YA novella trans teen love story. Boy finds himself oddly attracted to teen trans girl.

Whatever Lettie Zeste (Amazon) 2016. Short stories involving a variety of gender types with a focus on couples getting together and growing. ‘Antic tales from a shadow world; startling, subversive and sweet.’

Diversity is beautiful